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Say goodbye to tired, dry, or blurry vision and headaches. Seiko advanced state-of-the-art lenses are tailor-made for your eyes' unique correctional needs as well as for every situation – driving, sports, digital life, indoors, rain or sunshine. No matter the moment, Seiko lenses help offer perfect vision in a sleek and comfortable design engineered to help make you forget you ever put them on in the first place.



Seiko is passionate about technology and innovation, helping make your life easier and more comfortable when it comes to your vision. This is what drives us to always push further. Our combination of state-of-the-art technology and extraordinary individual workmanship is what makes Seiko lenses the most advanced lenses available, giving you the best visual clarity possible.

Self Tinting Glasses


Photochromic lenses adjust to the surrounding light – the lighter the surroundings, the darker the lenses – turning your glasses into sunglasses.

Even though it may seem like magic, it is only physics. Molecules sensitive to UV rays are embedded in the lens, and when exposed to increased UV light, these molecules change characteristics and darken. The process is reversible, so when light decreases, the molecules go back to their normal state again.

At Aldreds we have always offered a wide range of lens options to our patients. The latest spectacle lens technology by SEIKO has gone beyond the "Mass Production" of basic lens designs to offer a range of lenses tailored to the visual requirements of the individual.

To assist in the selection of the correct lens for your requirement and to ensure the accurate measurment of this type of lens we have invested in the SEIKO Video Centration System, this system provides easy to understand animated information about the various lens options that are available to you and it will take photographs to assist you with your frame selection.


Our dispensing team have been fully trained by SEIKO on the lens measurment functions of the system.

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