Childrens Eyecare

Todays kids are using computers, phones and tablets every day, childrens eye care is very important, whether for school or home make sure your child has regular eye tests, there are loads of frames designed for todays modern kids, give us a call to find out more.

Why eye checks are important

The sooner any eye problem is found, the sooner you and your child will be able to get any treatment and support needed.

Children may not realise they have a vision problem so, without routine tests, there's a risk a problem may not be spotted. This may affect their development and education.

If you have any concerns about your child's vision see a GP or go to an opticians.

Spotting signs of an eye problem

Although your child should have regular eye tests as they grow up, it's still important to look out for signs of any problems and get advice if you have any concerns.

For babies, the checklist in your baby's personal child health record (red book) can be used to help you check if your child's vision is developing normally.

In older children, signs of a possible eye problem can include:

  • Squint (strabismus), the eyes not pointing in the same direction
  • complaining of headaches or eye strain
  • problems reading – for example, they may need to hold books close to their face and they may lose their place regularly
  • problems with hand-eye co-ordination – for example, they may struggle to play ball games
  • being unusually clumsy
  • regularly rubbing their eyes
  • sitting too close to the TV

Speak to a GP or go to the opticians if you have any worries about your child's eyes or vision. The earlier a problem is picked up the better.

Children can have an eyesight test at any age. They do not need to be able to read, or even speak. An eyesight test is particularly important if there's a history of childhood eye problems, such as squint or lazy eye, in your family.


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