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Aldreds is a family run business based in West Yorkshire, We have a wide range of services from Eye Testing to Domiciliary (Home) Visits, we also stock a wide range of contact lens and eye-care products.


We have practices in:

South Elmsall, Ackworth and Slaithwaite.


If you are in need of an eye examination Aldreds is the right choice for you, our expertly trained staff will guide you every step of the way, from your initial eye-test to the final fitting of your glasses or lenses, you can be assured of a top quality service by one of the best in the area.

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Eye Tests

Did you know that you may qualify for a FREE NHS Eye-Test.


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Home Visits (Domiciliary)

In certain circumstances we can visit you at home for an Eye-Test.


Click HERE To see if you qualify.

Eye Care Products

Here at Aldreds we stock a wide variety of products to help you take care of your spectacles and contact lenses.


Call in and see us or telephone for further information about our range of products.


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Spectacle Repair Service

If you have damaged your glasses - Don't worry, we can carry out  simple repairs on our premises or send your glasses for professional repair with a quick return.


Please enquire within any of our branches for more information.


Click HERE to see what we can do for you.

Introducing Botaniq Eyewear

Bio-based acetate that decomposes like leaves*. Sustainable cork, wood and bamboo. Recycled stainless steel and packaging.


Sustainable choices shouldn’t have to be compromises. Discover a full range of on-trend colours, shapes and materials. Beautiful, intelligent, innovative.


Making good choices matters today more than ever. Join a sustainable mission rethinking eyewear from beginning to end.


A sustainable choice makes you feel good and we all know we need to do more for the planet. Thoughtful everyday choices can add up to big changes.


*When tested to ISO 14855 by Organic Waste Systems this bio-based acetate biodegrades within 120 days under controlled composting conditions.



We Now have A Vast Range Of Designer Frames For You To Choose From.

Check out the entire range in-store today.


Time for some Winter Sun !, Now is the best time to treat yourself to some new Sunglasses.

Revo Sunglasses are holiday essentials, there is a great range to choose from, take a look with us how REVO is getting you ready for that long missed sunshine !

We Are SEIKO Vision Specialists.

At Aldreds we have always offered a wide range of lens options to our patients. The latest spectacle lens technology by SEIKO has gone beyond the "Mass Production" of basic lens designs to offer a range of lenses tailored to the visual requirements of the individual.

To assist in the selection of the correct lens for your requirement and to ensure the accurate measurment of this type of lens we have invested in the SEIKO Video Centration System, this system provides easy to understand animated information about the various lens options that are available to you and it will take photographs to assist you with your frame selection.


Our dispensing team have been fully trained by SEIKO on the lens measurment functions of the system.


Aldreds Opticians are Seiko Vision Specialists which means you, the patient receive several benefits. Not only do you get top quality precision lenses with premium visual performance, you are also eligible for the following when you register your lenses using the authenticity card which accompanies them :-
If you accidentally damage your lenses within the first 12 months, Seiko will replace them free of charge under their Seiko Protect scheme. (Only one free replacement per pair), You are also placed into a draw for a chance to win a Seiko watch.
if you purchase a second pair of lenses to the same prescription within 12 months, you will receive a discount of 40%. (2nd pair of lenses only)


Aldreds were in the first 100 Opticians in Europe to receive the SEIKO Video Centration System.

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